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July/August Update: Part IV

[New Cirque Mystery Box/New Front Page/Sneak Peek News]

.:*New Cirque Mystery Box! Dark circus theme items. See them all here. *:.
Swimsuit themed front login page! Cuuute!*:.
.:*See the upcoming and developing news We will post more info when it’s available!*:.

—[Cirque Mystery Box 2010]—

Eloise the Familiar +20% flow boost

Un-named familiar +20% flow boost

Click to see more outfits from this box!

Click to see more items from this box!

Click  to see more outfits from this box!

—[New Front Page Image]—

This will be the new login screen. Click for high resolution photo!

—[Upcoming News]—

Will post more the items as soon as they arrive!
We already have these but who knew Collette captured them!?

This isn't active yet, but we'll post more information when it's available!

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