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June/July Updates: Part I

[ourWorld Seeds/New Critters/Monthly Items/Resident Item]

.:*You can plant seeds in ourWorld?! Maybe!*:.
Hatch never before seen mutant critters! And brand new Ottorobo and Froggy critters!*:.
.:*Check out the monthly items for July!*:.
Sneak peek July’s resident condo item now!*:.

—[ourWorld Seeds]—

Here’s a sneak peak of some updates coming up!

These are most likely seeds you can plant in your garden in ourWorld :)!!!

Available: Unknown

—[New Critters]—

Rare Critter (Hatch to buy as sprites)
Other Critter Color

Ottorobo Egg
Giga Ottorobo

Red Nest Ottorobo

Snow Fairy Egg

Giga Snow Fairy

Purple Nest Snow Fairy

Jumpy Frog Egg

Giga Jumpy Frog

Rare Black Jumpy Frog

Damian The Demon: Mutant Critter

Available: June 21st, 2010

—[Werewolf Monthly Items for July]—

Werewolf Gloves (click for bigger pic)

Werewolf Shoes (click for bigger pic)

Available: July 1st, 2010

—[Condo Resident Item for July]—

A beautiful full moon for your condo!

Available: July 1st, 2010 (residents only)

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