ourWorld Basics: Account Security

Most people believe it’s possible to have your ourWorld account hacked without giving away your password. This isn’t entirely true, since most “hacking” occurs due to people giving away their password. 50 and 100 players lose chat temporarily or permanently each week for requesting passwords from other players.

These are some tips to prevent your account being stolen. They might seem obvious but a lot of people still end up with their account hacked!:

  • NEVER give out your password. But also never give out your e-mail you use to log in to ourWorld! No matter how many promises or how good of a friend someone is, NEVER give it out! If anyone does, report them IMMEDIATELY.
  • If you want to e-mail or talk to people on messenger from ourWorld, make a new e-mail account for that instead of the one you use for ourWorld! I.e. Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, etc. This way, you can prevent people from even knowing part of the login information.
  • Be careful of scam/phishing sites! Sometimes websites say you’ll get free gems for joining and when you log-in their site, they end up stealing your account information. So be VERY careful where you log-on to ourWorld from. Make sure it’s a trusted site. You should always just log-on from ourWorld.com, just to be safe!
  • Make a strong, super, unbeatable and especially un-guessable password! If you make your password that reminds you of something close to you, it’s easier to guess. A good password contains capitalization, symbols and numbers. For example, if your name is Sara and your password is “sara”, that’s a really bad password! But a better password would be “yell0wTurtLe#5″
  • Make sure the email you use to log-in and your verified email (if they’re different), are REAL email accounts and registered. If you use an email that doesn’t exist or you don’t have access to, it’s like you’re asking to be hacked!

If you have any other useful tips that could help people, leave it in the comments. Enjoy this comic we made about account security!

For those of you saying, “OMG Skye iz Hacker!” — No.  Skye is not a hacker.  It’s just a comic.  It’s not real.

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