These 5 Trading Strategies will help you make a profit in HighRise

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HighRise is all about collecting digital items. Some items are worth more than other items. The more valuable your items then the higher your status will become in-game. I know this might sound ridiculous, but players go to great lengths to acquire digital items (despite the fact that these items are not real). For example, I’ve seen players do some inappropriate things for HighRise items.

Lots of people have asked me for different strategies on how to get better or rarer items. And in my experience, after playing these kind of virtual world games for years now, I’ve seen lots of different trading strategies. Some strategies work. Some strategies are downright scams. And other strategies are quite peculiar. Let’s take a look at 5 different HighRise trading strategies and find one that works best for you!

As a disclaimer, I didn’t include strategies like “buying gold” because that doesn’t help you get the items you want, necessarily. Especially items you can’t buy with gold because these items are no longer on the marketplace. Okay let’s go.

Predictions on new items

If you’re anything like me, then whenever a new grab drops, you immediately check out the items for which ones you like most. Heck! You probably try each of the items on. And sometimes, you can make predictions on which items will become more valuable in the future. The lowest price you will get on any item in HighRise is when the item first comes out because that item is still in circulation; especially if that item is desirable. No one really knows which items will become more valuable, however, due to one thing: supply. Some items seem incredible, and they probably are incredible, but you’re not the only person who thinks that. Other people are buying up that same incredible item in abundance resulting in pushing the price of that incredible item down. Through my experience, the best items that become most valuable are good-looking unisex items that can only be earned through eventing. If you want to learn the best strategies on eventing then check out MaryPie’s videos in the description below.

Begging. Asking for gifts.

Let’s just get this out the way now. People beg a lot on HighRise. You know why? Because it works. There are plenty of generous tippers in-game. That’s the whole point of tip rooms. People want gold. And believe it or not, begging for gold or gifts will get you pretty far in the game. And sometimes, simply asking for items will score you some wins. I’ve never begged, but people have generously given me items just because – it’s just a silly game, anyway.

Buy event items from the marketplace

Event items pop up, from what seems to be, weekly in HighRise. Usually, these event items are part of a bundle that might include bubbles, gold, or other in-game loot. The only catch is that you need to spend REAL money to buy these event items. Unless… you go to the BlackMarket or a private seller. This strategy works because if you wait about a day after an event item drops; so many people would’ve have bought the event item by then, that you could find that same event item on the BlackMarket for super cheap. And the best part is… after some time (possibly a year or more), that same item can triple or quadruple in price. And if you don’t have gold, simply trade an item for the event item. It’s worth it, especially if that event item is desired by many.

Hoarding Strategy

This strategy only works if you’re already rich. Or have enough gold to buy out the entire market. The first thing you need to do for the hoarding strategy is search the BlackMarket for older items. Look for items that don’t have too many listings. Something like 20 or less listings. The next catch, you need to have a little fashion sense as to whether or not the item in particular will increase in demand. You’re looking for an easy sell meaning that the item looks good enough to sell itself. People want profits. If you think the item might become valuable, then buy out the entire market and hoard all of one item. By hoarding the item, you can manipulate the supply and sell that same item for 10x the value (since you’re one of the few who owns it). Again, this strategy only works if you’re already rich.

Use the BlackMarket to advertise; not sell

The blackmarket is a great place to market items, but not sell them. The reason you don’t want people buying your items from the blackmarket is because the tax is 30%. You’re losing most of the value which isn’t worth it. But if you trade that same item, you won’t get charged by HighRise. The buyer will need to cover the tax expenses. Rather than being charged 30% from the BlackMarket; trading only charges you 10%. The blackmarket is espeically good if you’re one of few who are “selling” an item. The less people selling an item means the more exposure you get from other players. Who knows? They might just visit your profile; see your storefront and buy everything you have to sell. Just tell people to DM you for better prices in your bio.

There are plenty more trading strategies, but the few I mentioned should get you started in the right direction. Here are some other strategies I failed to mention:

  • Auction Houses
  • Grab Machines
  • Use hashtags to market items
  • Advertise items at the welcome plaza
  • Play Games for items

Hopefully this post helps you in your HighRise endeavors. Who knows? Maybe someday you will get that dream item. Thank you for reading.

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