How to become rich and famous on a virtual world game like HighRise


Hello HighRise player no one knows about, yet. If you’re reading this article, then you’ve stumbled across it on the vast information highway we call the internet. You’re curious as to how people become “known” on HighRise. Believe it or not. There is such thing as fame in virtual world games where you’ll receive hundreds of fan mail everyday from devoted children who follow you. You will even get Gold (lots of gold). So try to set a good example, won’t ya? Even for your more mature audience.

Content Creators

There are players such as myself, DonnyPie, and my better half known as MaryPie who are well-known within HighRise. We make content that includes YouTube videos, TikToks, Instagram posts, blog posts, and tweets. I guess you can say we do it all. But of course, you don’t need to do all the social medias to become famous. Simply choose a platform and start uploading.

Some other mentionable YouTube channels include DrewniverseHR. He tends to make longer discussion focused videos. Designs by Lodiie who creates helpful how-to guides in HighRise. And then there’s HighRise Studios who makes high quality skit-like comedy videos.

You can make content on almost anything. In fact, there are some very creative HighRise TikTok creators who dress and do makeup like their in-game avatars. Of course, there are other HighRise creators who rate outfits. The possibilities are endless. And if you ever want to become famous, start recording and upload often!


The most followed people within HighRise only post giveaways. Sure, the reason being is because the more likes your post can get then the more visible your profile is within the “featured” tab. Either way, giveaways are a good way to get people to follow you. They create interaction and people love winning free stuff; especially items on a game like HighRise. Items are everything!

Some well known popular HighRise giveaway accounts include Njoouud, xGabe, and panoramik. These accounts have nearly over 500,000 followers combined (at the time of this post). I think it’s fair to say that all their followers are legit HighRise players.

Create a Crew

HighRise crews are a great way to get exposure, but only if you plan on eventing. Otherwise, don’t bother. Players only want to join crews who event because you can earn legendary items this way. Also, events can be hard to run, but if you stay persistent; these crews can be just as rewarding.

The most popular HighRise crews include Mercy, 404 Crew, Legends Tippers, and Stuffed Crust. I guess, if you talk to anyone on HighRise, you could consider 404 Crew the most legendary crew in HighRise. There are very few crews like 404 Crew with all their members spending thousands of in-real-life money for items in-game. It’s crazy.

Popularity through Association

So you could make a proposition to famous people on HighRise, with thousands of followers, that you’d like to pay real money to have them tag your account in their profile. This kind of exposure is great due to the fact that other players can now see your content. Of course, it depends on the players. But who would ever turn down such an offer? Especially if money is involved. It just has to be for the right price.

Now, of course, if you can’t afford to run ads within HighRise. Simply try and get to know some of the better known players in-game. I’m sure they’ll have no problem dropping your name if you’re a true friend to them.

Hopefully these suggestions help you toward accomplishing your goals in HighRise. Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll be more famous than all of us in the metaverse. Just don’t forget the little people like DonnyPie and MaryPie along the way.

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