ourWorld Critter Derby Races!

The ourWorld Critter Garden Races is coming. The location will be somewhere on The Pier. Here’s some more info:

The board flips over and lets you play.  There has to be six people for each lane.  You can bet and race against friends.

Enjoy the new feature!

Credits: Sin

Mr Crabs

Mr Crabs is the name on Ourworld for me! Look me up, Ill be more than happy to be your friend ! I’ve been playing ourworld for at least 3 years now! Skye is amazing, be sure to add him too!;] Also I saved my name ‘Rudolph’ on my noob, because I needed to change my name for my Crew, but I will be changing back soon.

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    i got 250,000 coins from it cool right

  • http://www.facebook.com reem

    need gems in ourworld game please

  • Username

    i never win the races and then i end up wasting a few thousand coins -_-
    i don’t even care about this “new feature” anymore

  • ade

    you know a modality how we cat win all the race ? becaus i will be interesed .

  • http://www.oculosfeminino.com Adriana

    thanks for share!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000761266954 MeganHatesMatt

    ^.^ I earned like 200,000 coins there once
    I only go there when I’m bored or I really need coins though :

  • GuthDude

    I Think Battle Station On Beat Street Is Gonna Be A mini game.

  • kelly

    hi I’m blackoutx2 
    beat street is so boring 
    you should be allowed to walk into that radio I might be kinda cool :P

  • Dubstep Monkey

    :| i sometimes hate critter derby

    • Grace

      Me  too o.o It sometimes rips you off…

    • Jillian

      me 2. it is just a game u hav 1/6 of a chance winning. Most of the time i get second more than 1st. ita a gamble!

  • oweliteCOOKIE


  • M3G

    beat street is the best place to be
    cuz you’re alone without any noobs ^_^
    and cuz the atmosphere is so…serene :P

  • htfcloudy

    anyone now how to get a prize you won but they didn’t give you? it really bugs me that it happened

    • htfcloudy



        Once I Competted and one girl and i clicked on whole at same time and she got to race and she won 100,000 coins but i got them not her :D lol

  • Drop Dead Beuaty

    When does it end

  • Drop Dead Beuaty

    When does it end

  • Alexa0207

    did you guys know that betty the butterfly and penelope the puffle win alot also the ice shards

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