Free ourWorld Gems: Video Offers

Everyone knows you can watch videos on ourWorld, and in exchange, you’ll get free gems. For the last week or so, ourWorld has made it possible to make 30+ gems everyday! Here’s how:

Whenever you login, go to the “For Free” tab and view a video located on the right. You only need to watch :25 seconds of each video before the yellow continue sign appears, click it, then watch another. Most of the videos give between 4-8 gems. Within 5 minutes time, I was able to gain around 30+ gems! Whenever you run out of video offers, simply login the next day, and do it again.

Gems codes will also be coming back, replacing the coin codes.  Remember that ourWorld loves you! ;P

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  • XxXP iaXxX219

    the videos didnt work anymore

  • JeanetteIsCool!!!

    Hey Guys add me my user is Princess Skyla on ourworld thanks byyyeee

  • JeanetteIsCool!!!


  • Gabriel Bispo


  • lulucatie


  • dayce junior


  • anno777

    hey could you plz do this?

  • anno777

    hey can anyone tell me in steps how to do that thingy up there?

  • What

    gem code more better

  • What

    no fair OurWorld got rid of it no fair

  • elitebunnyfoofoo


  • yo mama


  • Bravery Guide

    I wonder why my for free window only shows refers, buying, friends… And no free things? ._. I wonder if there is other way to get these gems…. I get only up to 8 gems every day… Damn.

  • Umazumi Lerzian


  • Inna

    Puneti mai multe videuri pleasse
    very much videos please

  • Behatred

    Can someone please find more gem codes? Even though im a resident i still need more gems

  • ibeAlia

    ADD ME MY NAME IS ibeAlia

    gift and friend me :D

  • katrina

    i want gems