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April 2012 Resident Item

Residents, bring a bit of the outside inside with the April Shower Table!

Take a look at the April 2012 Resident Item:

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April 2012 Monthly Items [OurGemCodes]


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  • Canttellyou

    well i think this is a dumb idea next time do something cool and fun like for june do a lion statue that gives you gems every time someone enters your condo

  • Yum


  • Faiqasagi

    hmmm…… nice hey i’ve  got a code for april:

    • Jayjayjetplane84

      Actually that’s a toolbar gem code.

  • http://ourworld kobey


  • http://ourworld kobey


  • IDK

    i dont rly like the april item and i get the 300 gem = 1 month rez every time my residency expires

  • http://ourworldcheats jewellski


    • http://OurWorld Cali

      I love this I get all my gems from here and i post these codes on my crew

  • yousef

    wow these coooool

  • http://bb xSuperNatrualx

    weres the gems codes i really like them my b days on april 25

  • stuffiskewl

    Where’s the gem codes? Hurry up oW.

  • xMisty

    Does anyone know what happened to the game called,” Trollface Quest”? I only played it once and then it disappeared O_O

    • Growl

      It had some Inappropriate content on it and oW removed it.

      • Raz101andTrains

        The peeing?

        • xMisty

          Aww! I loved that game! It was hilarious!! -.- Stupid ourworld! Why not remove sunnyboom? Its stupid? Your suppose to get a sun to go down? How funnnn… -.-

          • Tutu x

            I agree why did they delete that game it was so fun :( But i don’t think ourworld is stupid O_O

          • Raz101andTrains

            I know! Sunny boom sucks

          • xMisty

            I Miss The Old Ourworld -.-
            Now Everything Is so Expensive
            And You Can’t Even MAke Gifting Noobs Anymore
            Plus The Zoe’s Club Is Expensive -.- That’s Like My Allowance Every Month!! Andd!! They Delete The
            Best GAme Ever!

  • iiLexi

    It’s OK, I guess.

    PAYING $5.99 FOR IT?✘
    IT OKAY.✔
    ✘? or ✔? Vote.

    • Mikaylaa Δ †


  • iiLexi

    It’s OK. I mean, I wouldn’t pay $5.99 just for that….

    • Mikaylaa Δ †

      What are you talking about o.o ?

    • Andreaa


    • Glitz

      5.99 is the cost of residency. She’s saying the table isn’t worth that price (to her).

      • Raz101andTrains

        Where I am it’s $10
        For you people that dont have the same currency to me ten bucks is more than up there ^ a lot more :(

  • Unfortunatley

    No Interest

  • TF Bullet Proof

    Oh joy, a table

    • Gummy Bears


  • Cxi Loner

    Forget bout the damn items for NEXT month, where the hell r the gems codes for THIS week!?

  • Raz101❤trains

    I just died XD
    ‘Sorry this offer is currently unavalible’

    • Pathetic !

      yeah but i wouldn’t take it. you have to pay o_o
      you put in your credit card number

      • Raz101andTrains

        It was a video :(

  • Raz101andTrains

    Right this is for all you form users here!
    Any one read my Luna imposters chain?
    It was to show you this imposter and dOnt think she was the real one
    I’m not stupid… I was
    Going to post a newer one but I think I’ll just leave you to write rude inconsiderate comments on there? (sarcastic don’t u think :,( )

    • Raz101❤trains

      I was going to post the diffrences but also lets just let you be rude to me :(

      • Acceptable❤Himself

        You were the Luna imposter

        • Raz101❤trains

          No i wasnt
          Im level 38
          Not 100
          And im raz101

        • Raz101❤trains

          Why would you think that?

        • Raz101❤trains

          And stop being mean to other people and me
          IM ONLY 12

          • Glitz


          • Raz101andTrains

            Thank you glitz :)

  • Petite

    Cool xP

  • P0ke monster

    Guess Wat i can send an e-mail to me self?

    • x Insane Demon

      Random but cool XD

  • xRosalie

    Hello, I’m Rosalie. (xRosalie on ourworld) I’ve told everyone I know off of ourworld about Kony2012..and now I want to spread the word here on ourworld. Please visit for information. Joseph Kony takes kids from their parents in Africa and uses them in his army to kill other people. It’s been going on for a long time, and just last year, people are starting to hear about it. He’s the number 1 person people want to stop. This year, other armies will try to find him and arrest him.

    Help spread the word by making Kony famous. Soon he will be stopped, thank you for reading.

  • http://ourgemcodes meadow

    im a rez

  • Josh

    Suuuuure , water items..
    I think squirting is involved ;) If you know what I mean.. :D

    • x Insane Demon

      Does the table break if you know what I mean xD

  • Yo

    At Last Good Items

  • Guest

    Am I the only one who hates the top toolbar where it shows our name, coins, gems, etc.? Also, ourworld has been extremely slow ever since it updated that. I give up on trying to get on. Nothing works for me, and if it does it takes 10 minutes to load. I’m just going to quit ourworld. There’s nothing wrong with my internet or anything, it is as fast as can be. It’s only ourworld that takes 10 hours to load. x;

    • iiLexi

      The ourWorld™ toolbar does stink….

      Mine’s fast ;)

  • Glitz

    Ohhhh it matches the April Showers thrones! Nice!!

    • Watch

      It does, very much !

      • SkyLily

        Now im glad I kept my April shower chair :D

        • Glitz

          Me too! :D

          • Raz101andTrains

            Me three!
            I just had to say that I don’t have the april showers throne :’)

  • skyler 729539

    wow i want that thing :)

  • Crazy PL


  • Acceptable❤Himself

    I’m a Rez

    Yay Me!!

    • Raz101❤trains

      No yay from me. Since you think im a luna imposter.
      It really made me quiet upset. You have seen me before i wouldnt do somthing like that.

  • Darla

    Looks good
    I hope i was a resident

    • uswatun hasanah

      i want gemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      • iionlyReply

        i Think. Ourworld is working in the new island ”vegas” so may They put the gem codes next week ;) but is better we will get 30 gems if code facebook works ;) <3