5 Tips On Earning Flow Fast

Want to level up fast but can’t seem to get enough flow? Here are some tips on how to get flow:

1. Dance every thirty seconds. Every thirty seconds you dance, your flow boosts up some.

2. Make friends. If you make friends, you chat a lot. And when you chat a lot, you get flow more quickly! :)

3. Buy Flow Batteries. This one usually happens to be a least favorite of most people since it cost gems but hey, maybe you’ll get 200 flow :)

4. Use the flow code! “Test-Mode 42″ Enter. “Cryptobiologist” Enter.

5. Last one :) Go to ourWorld and make a new account. Make sure you know the username and password! Now log off of your new account and wait around a month or more. Log back in. You’ll see that your new account has some flow batteries, mystery boxes, and magical potions. Now put an item you don’t want in marketplace and trade that item for the flow boxes, mystery boxes, and magical potions from your new market. You just got some free flow boxes! The longer you wait to re-log in, the more flow boxes, mystery boxes, and magical potions your new account will have. Zoe’s Club and Residents only, sorry! (You have to use Marketplace)

Credit to SControlX for telling me about number 5!

Have any other ideas to get flow? Comment below!

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  • aria1445

    i just made a new account (aria1445) and it works really well if every now and then i just say ‘flow battery.’ I get tons of flow.

  • Teddy1f

    play zombie defence agency and earn max flow :)

  • Teddy1f

    play zombie defence agency and earn max faster flow :)

  • Teddy1f

    i am playing zombie defence agency and when i complete a level i give 5 to 25 flows :)

  • ice cream

    all u need to do is go to the resident beach and say… star 86 u will get a lot of flow but only members (u need to go to a resident only place) 8-)
    thancks for reading my way to get a lot of flow :-*

  • polly1990

    by just saying “flow battery” you get like a lot of flow
    add me

  • footballgirl

    Add me and my sis zoeybrooks123lov and footballgirl

  • Kanon

    plz gift me clothes my ow account person is ugly my name is xDashiex

  • Al ic e123456

    I luv ourWorld ^^ My name is Al ic e123456 friend me plz

  • Julia (Bubblegum123 XD)

    This is a cheat I found out by reading on another website. If you go play Kaban sheep and just stand by the tree, each time you get an apple, you get more flow. So, stand by the tree, and then leave it on and go watch a movie or something. When you come back to your computer after a while, you’ll have flow! BTW Use facebook to get a 100 flow boost and you’ll get even more flow! Enjoy!

    • Kanon

      i tried that and it did not work

      • https://www.facebook.com/carsunsmommy Charlena Dempsey

        same here doesnt work

        Charlena on OurWorld add me/join my crew Winged Creatures