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Hey.., :D
I’m Omaniya.., I like to imitate anime characters using ourworld outfits and I love designing pictures and GIFs. My OW account is CK Omaniya ..,Check my Forum Profile

…,Have fun ^.^


    BAD!! XO

  • gurl ulovelots

    dO they work

  • fixia

    weekly is dosen’t work :/

  • i love hunger games :)

    hey :D
    this code works :P so cool
    thnkx alot but im new to this game joined it last month im on levl 20 but im so confused @_@ i mean where can i get rare stuff from? except mr moles
    and does anyone know anything else that is there for me to know ??? ;)
    thankx alot :P

  • Fallen Angel


  • Vaso1203

    ok i do it!! thanks!!

  • Vaso1203

    a and how we can put gem code??

  • Vaso1203

    Hi guys i am the Vaso1203 please send me thinks and if you are a hot big level boy (up from 30 level ) mesege me!!!
    kiss kiss Vaso1203!!

  • Makaruno

    Add: Makaruno
    Ty for gem codes!
    Add also: PIAN0 my second account
    Thanks! Guys!

  • sweet then evil

    heyy love these coupons keep posting them plzz
    my name is sweet then evil on ourworld add me plzz

  • LULU


  • LULU

    hi im from ourworld and i was wondering if anyone wants to gift me because u get alot of gems back and gifts thats my profile thing i know the manger of ourworld so they give me 10000 gems a week damb

  • OmgxxAna

    Thank you -_- i got 19 more gems then i had before now i have 57 gems

  • Prada

    That toolbar is a virus you know

  • louise

    gift me

  • Renesme

    Where write code? :3

  • alex

    y no monthly code

  • ~!FakeGurlFakeGurl!~

    Why struggle in gem codes? gems NO BETTER! i sujest flow is MUCH better comparing i used to be level 19 now im 120. its works type in test-mode 42 then cryptobiologist and do it for a few days. :) @Omaniya:disqus

    • Len Kagamine O2

      youre so update

  • ~!FakeGurlFakeGurl!~

    Hello, here is A FAKE cheat that i made up but it could be real or not, :S im just making it for fun… if you bother trying it is because you maybe want gems.. GO TO http://www.web02ourworld.com/env=home (i typed that one :) ) and then say 40 chances of making it! then ill pop up saying one of thease followings.

    . Exuise me do you have more tea?

    . I would love tea okay?

    . Well..more tea for us!

    .lets STOP talking about tea…!

    down Load a Tool bar exprestion pack using this FAKE link :P http://www.GetGemsNOW.com and down load it. then it will say “Do you wanna take the risk? to harm/give your computer a virus or have it saved? *Click “Yes”. * then it will run FAKE Scan.. and a big monster will appeared and the FAKE wizards guide Named ZuzyueGuide123 and she will tell you what gems are FAKE worthed FAKE. and then Compete typing 16hr63v3253v463vr363b3hrf3 in 3 secunds with out any misstakes. :) then you complete 1 offer and 110010304050303644t37246485 gems and happy FAKE gemming :P and heres ANOTHER FAKE one:

    How to level up to 1033457 even known the limit is 150.

    Sneak on zoe and take her candy in trick or treating :P

    Then, watch Zokie fix bot and get a electric peice of bot :P

    Then, get cammies hat and run in the bushes :P

    Then, reach level 100

    Then, type ” We r mindless behavior i luv u mindless behavior……NO I DONT!! ”

    Then, reach level 123

    Then, sit down

    Then, level up to level 150

    Then, do dance moves and do the flow cheat test-mode 42 crybiotiologist.

    Then, level up to 1033457

    Here is another AWSOME FAKE one :)
    Sing lots of songs and get 1000,000,000 coins and 6666.666..6666 gems and level 150

    • Len Kagamine O2


  • The Viper

    It dosent give gems.

  • Shifer

    Wish’d It Would Give You 20 Gemz Instead And How Does It Work On Chrome It never Works For Me >.<

  • deedee

    were can i put the monthly code

    • Omaniya

      1. Copy the code
      2. Click on “Account” in the upper right corner
      3. Choose “User Settings”
      4. Scroll down
      5. Past the code in place of “Enter a coupon code”
      6. Click “Submit”

  • koolkat 985


  • Mickey Jay

    thank u so much :)

  • Ariana Grande

    Hiii ! My real name is Ariana Grande … I m from Victorious show ! I have a brother which my real brother… He has a ourworld account… His name in Ourworld is Genius Handsome he wants everybody to add him and make sure u dooo!!


  • hayden

    where do i get the tool bar can i get a link please

  • iNerdMonster x3


    • Omaniya

      U need to check the box beside recieving news letters..
      I think it’s in the “Email Settings” section.

  • iNerdMonster x3

    hiiii(pls answer) i haven’t use monthly code one year cus it doesnt work. it says:

    You need to have opted to receive the newsletter before you can use this coupon.Please set this on your account page.
    what should i do??? :(

    • Chihaya

      Click user setting on ourworld then click ’email settings’ as on the picture above and TICK the “email me monthly newsletter”.

      • Chihaya

        I hope this information will help you. ^_^

        • iNerdMonster x3

          thank you!!! <3

  • BrOk3N AcE

    thanks >_^ 10 gems not bad

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000433991738 Ira Twinkle Soler

    Add me in OW: 0wGods Candie
    Ty for the code :p

  • kellygoesrarw 8D

    I feel better now :

  • Angelica

    The code will not except it.

  • Chihaya


    • Omaniya

      Thank You ^_^

  • Chihaya

    58A1-2CC1-4916-1D06 Monthly Code :D

    • Omaniya

      Thanks :D

      • Chihaya

        Your welcome :D

    • SMD

      it doest give gems….

  • blair884

    when is the monthly gem code release???

  • cutty8

    i have a question ? HOW TO INSTALL TOOLBAR !!

  • KateApril

    The OurWorld toolbar doesn’t work in Google Chrome. Only in the internet explorer :)

    • vampgirl30

      It does work on google chrome because i used it on chrome :)

    • IHateOGC

      its works for mozilla firefox too

    • panget

      Yeash Same to u


    What im going to do i cannot see too, i want to buy gems but ican’t

  • masure

    u know wat is funny?the bunny hat its just like the 2009 one :P i think i will buy it , i didnt wanted to buy germs anymore and i collected 50 only with gem codes and offers sometimes when u reach a high value they block germs when i did i 80 the offers just stopped work :P for now i have 37 with those two codes i guess with monthly one it will be just fine :)

    • DestinyLuvsYou

      Lol, you keep calling gems “germs” XDD

  • Ms Incurable

    The toolbar code doesnt work for me o: i have it installed but it doesnt work

    • beautifulsoul908

      it doesnt work for me either. :/

    • TaQuilaAvi0n

      it works in internet explorer and mozilla firefox too

    • http://avatars.imvu.com/JesseArisStorm JesseArisStorm

      Try it with using codes from the Internet Explorer.

      • ITALIC

        -.- You brake my heart </3

        • http://avatars.imvu.com/JesseArisStorm JesseArisStorm

          Oh hell, you breaked mine more WITH not telling he is at your FL

          • ITALIC

            LOL that means u sad leaving me? :D

          • ITALIC

            let me gift u -.- but i wanted to gift something of condo, but u blocked me :I

          • http://avatars.imvu.com/JesseArisStorm JesseArisStorm

            I never give a care for gifts and i dislike when people gifts me for lord sake & go and chat with “CATA”

          • ITALIC

            u hate GIFTS????? :o

    • ITALIC

      It’s the same with me so don’t worry.

    • LOL

      for me work :/ :)

  • bunnyboogurl14

    what happen to the monthly code? o well at least i have a facebook. but what if it doesnt work?

  • Info

    :o im 3 comment

    • Info

      do i get a prize c;

      • DestinyLuvsYou

        Yes :D Wait… you’re not third comment, you’re fourth comment. For this you only get a head nod. *Head nod* :l

  • S for Sky

    -.- i dont have a face book or a tool bar but its ok ^_^
    i hope u find the monthly code! :D

    • DestinyLuvsYou

      I see the monthly code is up now ^_^

  • Thankful Gal

    Thanks ^_^

  • Omaniya

    Don’t Panic!! xP
    Once I get to know March Monthly gem code , I’ll add it to the post ^_^

    • ITALIC


      • PIAN0

        Ugly Yipsee Clinical :I

        • Clinical

          If u see how I look, ur eyes will come out and fall on the floor. Don’t cry then. o_o

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