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vegasWorld, created in 2013 by developer FlowPlay, is the world’s first virtual world casino.  vegasWorld gives away 100,000 coins each and every week so make sure to bookmark ourgemcodes.


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The bot awareness announcement (as seen above) was sent to all vegasWorld players on June 13th, 2017.  Some players are under the belief that bots are playing in vegasWorld.  The CEO of vegasWorld, Digmania, assures players that there are no bots.  Digmania also mentions the fact that there are 10,000 new players daily!

Last year, it was reported that vegasWorld became the number 1 browser-based gambling site on the internet with revenues consistently growing.

After speaking with several players, it seems bots aren’t a concern versus a crooked or favorable gaming system.  Imagine if the slot machines have a pre-determined value thereby forcing players to lose.  Or what if cards are computer generated while playing  a game like BlackJack?  Of course, these are all theories anyone has while gambling.  No foul-play has been confirmed.  It would help vegasWorld if they released a statement on win percentages and their system algorithms.

Either way, one thing is for certain: vegasWorld does care about their loyal members and run frequent charities on their platform.  This week vegasWorld is promising 1 billion coin sweepstakes with any Gem or Membership purchases.

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