Casinos for charity: FlowPlay’s vegasWorld is donating $50,000 to the American Cancer Society!

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[wpsm_dropcap]v[/wpsm_dropcap]egasWorld is a virtual world casino game created by developer FlowPlay (but you already knew that, right?).  From now until June 4th, 2019, players can raise money for the American Cancer Society by purchasing in-game charms in vegasWorld.  At the time of this post, FlowPlay has raised over $40,000.

FlowPlay, as led by CEO Derrick Morton, has survived and thrived in the tumultuous game industry.  Last month, in May 2019, FlowPlay was voted one of America’s top places to work by  Evident by the generosity of FlowPlay’s contribution to the American Cancer Society, FlowPlay’s philanthropist ways have earned them recognition by major publications.

It’s nice to know you can play one of your favorite games and not-feel-guilty because you’re giving money to a worthy cause — Anonymous vegasWorld User

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vegasWorld users can purchase an in-game charm that benefits cancer supportive services.  All proceeds for charms purchased will be donated to the group’s Road to Recovery program, which helps cancer patients get rides to their doctor appointments.  This isn’t the first time FlowPlay has donated to charity.  Several times throughout the year, FlowPlay has generously contributed toward helping the world.  You can search all the past charity charms by visiting our vegasWorld-dedicated blog.

Last year, it was estimated that FlowPlay made somewhere between $10 to $20 million dollars.  vegasWorld players have asked if there will ever be an option to “cash-out” on their virtual currency.  It would seem the company makes enough money with their online casino that it doesn’t need to seriously consider the implications of making a real-money gambling game.

With efforts entirely focused on vegasWorld now, FlowPlay’s first game called ourWorld is no longer in the forefront for the company.  With the ever-evolving climate of the browser-game ecosystem; even vegasWorld has been evolving to become more mobile to seek out new players.  Right now, players can download the vegasWorld app and play on-the-go with fully-functional chatrooms and a lag-free experience.

And last but not least, we’d like to thank FlowPlay for not only contributing to bettering our world but for giving people the opportunity to better themselves.

Disclaimer: ourGemCodes is an affiliate of FlowPlay and vegasWorld.

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