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OGC EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: This Avakin Life employee describes social networking at Lockwood Publishing

[wpsm_dropcap]o[/wpsm_dropcap]urGemCodes had the pleasure of interviewing an Avakin Life employee who works in the community department at LockWood Studios.  We discussed her YouTube channel and responsibility at Avakin Life.

Avakin Life relies on social media to continue marketing their products.  LockWood Studios consistently run advertisements asking their users to follow them on all major platforms like SnapChat, Instagram, and YouTube.  Avakin Life also markets their products through DJ’s.  DJ live streams their shows directly into Avakin Life!  How cool is that?

ourGemCodes: Tell us a little about yourself.

LockWood Jessie: Hey. I’m Jessie and I work in the community department at Lockwood Studios! I’ve always been a fan of social games so when I saw a job opening here I jumped at the chance.

ourGemCodes: LockWood Studios is the publisher of Avakin Life.  As someone who works in the community department, what kind of stuff are you responsible for doing?

LockWood Jessie: I’m involved in almost every aspect of the community. My job can be very different day to day, but for example I can be found answering support emails, moderating social media and the game chat, helping to plan and organize game events, building relationships with key members of the community, and so on!

ourGemCodes: You mentioned building relationships with key members of the community. Can you tell us a little about your ambassador program?

LockWood Jessie: If we notice someone who has a large social media presence and happens to love our app – we’ll generally reach out and see if they want to work with us.

( Ambassadors get free Avakin Life merchandise, promotions, and exclusive items/features in-game! )

ourGemCodes: That’s really cool. Speaking of social media, you have a YouTube channel with over 50,000 views, but you haven’t uploaded in 4 months. What are the plans for your channel and can we expect an upload anytime soon?

LockWood Jessie: Well I starting doing the YouTube thing as a hobby, but recently I’ve been super busy with work and so on, so I’ve not had the time. Maybe in a few months I’ll start making more videos :smiley:

ourGemCodes: We noticed you don’t have any voice videos. Will you ever do a voice/face reveal?

LockWood Jessie: Of course. My lack of webcam will be resolved. Maybe I’ll also do some vlog style videos.

ourGemCodes: Cool. And can you tell us about any upcoming Avakin Life updates?

LockWood Jessie: There’s a major feature being released either this or next week – something that everyone has been asking for since the start. It’s a top 3 suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue: Wait and see!

Disclaimer: ourGemCodes was not paid to endorse Avakin Life and this interview remains objective.

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