The most dangerous Last Day on Earth enemies and bosses

Kill everything you see.

[wpsm_dropcap]L[/wpsm_dropcap]ast Day on Earth creatures or zombies are pretty dangerous.  And that’s not the only thing, the game is continually adding more enemies like Militia men, turrets, and zombie bosses (not to mention more hostile animals).  Here are the most deadly enemies in the game:

#6. Fast Biters

Fast Biters are found in level 1-3 areas.  They have 80hp and you can’t outrun them.  You’ll just have to stand and fight.

#5. Toxic Spitter

You can’t sneak past Toxic Spitters.  You can dodge their spit attacks, however.  They run out of acid after 2-3 spits then will attack you.  Toxic spitters have 80hp and are found in level 2-3 locations.

#4. Floater Bloaters

Floater Bloaters can be found in level 2-3 areas.  They have 240hp and a special ground effect attack.  You can actually outrun these big guys.

#3. Toxic Abomination

Toxic Abominations have 300hp and can be found in level 2-3 areas.  Upon defeating, they explode with acid causing you to stink.  Make sure your last hit is from afar.

#2. Frenzied Giant


The frenzied giant has a whopping 500 hit points.  It runs fast, as well.  So expect to take hits if you try running from it.  If you’re not strong enough to fight him then you’ll want to leave the map.  The frenzied giant can be found in the vault.

#1. The Big One

This is a very large zombie. It has been seen in Level 3+ Locations i.e Pine Woods and Infected Forest. No other information has yet been gathered.  Big ones cannot be killed at this time.

This post will be updated as stronger enemies are added.
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