Last Day on Earth | 6 Useful Life Hacks You should know

It’s time to survive.

[wpsm_dropcap]L[/wpsm_dropcap]ast Day on Earth has a bunch of little life hacks that will make playing the game more enjoyable for you.  Life hacks are anything that can make your life easier on a day-to-day basis.  Read our post on how to play Last Day on Earth here.

ourGemCodes has taken the time to give you 6 life hacks.  More life hacks will be added in the future!

#1. Get item information by holding your finger on the item

By holding your finger on an item, you will see the name and stats of that item.  This is super useful for finding out which items are best.  See our list on the top 5 most powerful items in Last Day on Earth!

#2. You don’t need to equip tools to use them

You use tools in your inventory.  Tools are “consumed” in the order of where they are in your inventory from top-left to bottom-right.  Keep this in mind so you use up your most-depleted tools first.  This is very important!

#3. You can hold down your finger while harvesting (no need to tap)

While harvesting items, simply hold down your finger and your character will do the rest.  Unless you like to tap.

#4. How to farm on auto

When you are farming on auto and you want a specific item (let’s say Pine for this example) — grab a stack of pine from your inventory and continue splitting it until all your inventory slots are full.  Now whenever you auto-farm, your character will ignore everything else and only farm for that item.

Your character won’t avoid zombies while auto-farming.  He will fight them head on.

#5. Hitting the back of your enemy deals 3x DMG

Use the sneak method to ninja-move behind your enemy and smack them unknowingly.  You can actually get one hit kills on the weaker zombies.  And this is especially useful against the spitter zombies who suck at life.

#6. Bases don’t reset so you can store items there

As you travel further from your base, you expend more energy.  One way to help scavenge items from further away is to use the bases.  Bring a ton of weapons and supplies and make your way to a base.  Store your items inside a base-locker.  Then from the base, explore even further.  Whenever you max your inventory, simply return to the base. Store items in lockers.  Refill your stats with the items aforementioned and do it again.  This saves you time AND energy.

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