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SGDQ HYPE: DoDeChehedron beat the World Record for Super Panga World *28:28*

The 2017 Summer Games Done Quick is upon us, and what better way to get hyped than to watch one of the best mario speedrunners known to man: super human reflexes, determination, and dedication has earned DoDeChehedron title of World Record Holder on one of the world’s hardest mario games: Super Panga World.  Dode beat the record for fastest time on June 29th, 2017 at the speed of 28:28.

Super Panga World is a ROM hack of Super Mario World created by Linkdeadx2. The ROM hack was dedicated to PangaeaPanga, a popular streamer known for his extremely difficult levels.  DoDeChehedron recently broke the world record.

DoDeChehedron (doh-deck-uh-hee-drun), also known as Dode (like road) is a 26 year-old engineer from Ohio, currently living in New Mexico. His main game is Super Mario World, but Dode specializes in speedrunning difficult romhacks such as Kaizo Mario World.  Dode holds the world record for all these games:

With Dode’s most recent accomplishment of beating Super Panga World, his new goal for the game is now a 24:xx speedrun.  Dode wrote to us saying, “It really didn’t feel like that great of a run, but I suppose it is the best one out there.”

Will you watch Summer Games Done Quick?

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