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MovieStarPlanet Apps: iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Android and Tablets


MovieStarPlanet is available through Google Play and the Apple Store.  At this time, MovieStarPlanet is not playable on kindle.  You cannot find MSP in the Amazon Store.  And MovieStarPlanet is somewhat limited on these devices due to touch-screen technology.  The use of a mouse and keyboard will give you the most enjoyable experience in MovieStarPlanet.  Mostly due to the socializing aspect of MMO games.

The developers of MovieStarPlanet have released other app games, as well.  We won’t post individual links to all their games, but you can MovieStarPlanet Apps.

Please rate and review and download MovieStarPlanet through Google Play:

MovieStarPlanet Google Play

Please rate and review MovieStarPlanet through iTunes Store:

MovieStarPlanet iTunes Store

ANNND for all the people in countries where they block app downloads:

MovieStarPlanet APK

Do you play vegasWorld on a tablet, android or apple device?
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