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Fright Mystery Box 2011

Available: October 2011 – November 2011 (May also be found by Trick-or-Treating)

Fright Mystery Box 2011

Fright Box 2009 | Fright Box 2010

Fright O’ Lantern Outfit

Fright O Lantern Cape Fright O Lantern Boots
Fright O Lantern Grin Fright O Lantern Grimace

Skeleton Bone Items

Crow Bone Mask Piranha Skull
Helping Hand Scarf? Python Bone Scarf
Crow Bone Wings +20% Boost Helping Hand Belt

Grimm Hunter Outfit

Grimm Hunter Jacket Grimm Hunter Jacket
Grimm Hunter Shirt Grimm Hunter Shirt
Grimm Hunter Pants Grimm Hunter Skirt
Grimm Hunter Boots Grimm Hunter Boots

Butcher’s Outfit

Butcher’s Apron Headache
Leave it to Cleaver Dripping Wings

Frightfully Elegant Outfit

Frightfully Elegant Jacket Frightfully Elegant Jacket
Frightfully Elegant Bowtie Frightfully Elegant Boots

Miscellaneous Items

Darlene The Death Skull Webbing Wings
Bear Trap on Your Head Arachnid Eyes

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