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Game of the Week: Diner Dash



Personally, the first time I played this game was about two years before I started playing ourWorld. Diner Dash, Strategy game, is very popular, fast-paced, and at times annoying. Suggested by Rose Petal, this game themed around opening your own small-town diner requires more than luck… Also, this is the game that the ourWorld instance Flo’s Diner is based off; if you’ve never been to Electric Avenue, or if it’s been a really long time, I recommend that you head back there, order up some food or be a waiter… you do get Flow for doing it, so it’s not without reason.

This game is laptop-friendly, but when you get further along it may be annoying to do it on a trackpad.

Here are some tips, even though I’m terrible at this game:

  • When you have to seat people, drag them to the correct-colored seat for some bonus points. In the first few levels, this hardly matters, but as you get further bonus points may make your score.
  • When you fill the Goal bar up once, you’ll be able to advance, but if you fill it up again, you’ll get the Expert bonus.
  • You can carry more than one table’s order slip or meal at once.
  • Make sure your customers are always happy, ’cause they get angry quite fast.
  • Later on, you can upgrade your restaurant, to make it look cool or just to work better.

Go and serve some food, my little minions.

Have a suggestion? Comment or send me a message. (Sorry I’m not making this as long and amazing as usual but I’m pushed for time here.) Virtual ponies will be awarded next week for lack of time. See ya guys!

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