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Game of the Week: Glyph

glyphThis week’s game is a fast-paced Matching game called Glyph. The version on ourWorld is only a preview, but in the full game, you are a mage working to reunite the Four Elements and save your world. It’s pretty intense, like the circus. (You know… intense… in tents… the circus is in tents? Oh, never mind.) You must uncover fragments of the power glyph, clearing away all the dirt atop them by matching stones.

Here are some tips:

  • Obsidian can’t be matched, but it can be destroyed. Try using powerups (called “artifacts” in the game) to clear it away.
  • Some artifacts will clear away dirt, while others will just destroy the stones.
  • As you get further along, some stones won’t be powerful enough to clear away all the dirt, and those will be marked through with an X at the bottom of the screen.
  • Use your artifacts wisely! They can be difficult to find. Unless you’re desperate, make sure they say “Max” before you use them for the best effect.
  • That little pink spiral thing at the bottom corner of the screen is a timer. It goes slowly, but if it runs out, the game is over. Matching stones and using powerups can refill it, so go quickly!

Well, I’ve got nothing more to say. Take my words of wisdom and go save the world!

If you’d like to suggest a game, leave a comment on this post, my forum profile, or my ourWorld profile. If you suggest a game, there’s a good chance it’ll be chosen; just leave the name of the game in the comments, and I’ll hail you as a hero for not boring the universe! (translation: your name will be on the frontpage and you’ll be famous because you suggested an awesome game.)

Lightning's author bannerP.S. I feel like a total noob. I only have 6,800 Popularity. I guess I need to gift people more… yeah, cause that’s gonna happen. What do you guys think of Popularity? Love? Hate? Meh?



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