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Game of the Week: Kaban Sheep



In this week’s Arcade game, Kaban Sheep, you are a sheepdog… except you’re a warthog of some sort. You must drive the sheep into their pens to complete the levels, picking up apples and pumpkins and scoring bonuses as you go. I personally am terrible at this game (just look how long I took to complete Level 1) but it was suggested by both Avoryy and moons dark sides, so I figured I might as well give it another shot.

Here are some tips:

  • Pick up as much fruit as you can! It gives you bonus points.
  • Don’t let the sheep escape once they’re in the gate! If you see them getting close to the gate, run in the gate to scatter them again.
  • There are several powerups that you can use to your advantage. Figure out how to use these to maximize your points and drive sheep at the same time!
  • Try driving sheep along the fence to make sure they don’t scatter when you run towards them!
  • Use the Shift key to go faster.

Go drive some sheep, my little warthogs! *muahahahaha*

If you’d like to suggest a game go ahead and leave a comment on this post or on my ourWorld profile, or send me a message. Keep in mind that I can’t do every game that’s suggested, since I can post only once a week. If I get multiple requests, though, the chance will be higher!

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