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Game of the Week: Snail Bob 2

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‘Ello my fellows… it’s Tuesday again, and I’m baaaaaack… (omg though i was totally playing Pirate101 for like the entirety of this last week, I really only went on ourWorld for my flow cheats- shh!)

This week’s game is less serious and more comedic relief. Actually, that’s a lie. In Snail Bob 2, a game suggested by Brehr, Bob the snail is on a serious mission to get to Snail Grandpa’s birthday party. This game is found under Puzzle games. It gives a good amount of flow, and it’s so easy and funny you won’t realize until you’re done. (Plus, Bob is Gary’s cousin. Like, Gary from SpongeBob. Tell me that’s not awesome, watch the intro if you don’t believe me.)

This game is laptop friendly. (If I can play it on a laptop, anyways.)

Here are some tips:

  • The caterpillars are plotting to put Bob in their soup- steer clear!
  • You might not always need all the tools in a level.
  • In some levels, there are special tricks or instances where you’re turned around, sent backwards, or stopped- in these instances, use your common sense, and there’s always the Start Over button if you need it.
  • If something looks dangerous, it usually is.
  • If you think you need more time, or if something dangerous is rapidly approaching, click on Bob’s shell and he will curl up inside of it, leaving you time to think.

Well, I ‘m going to summer conditioning for sports, and you all should go play the game… see you next Tuesday for a lil’ bit of space action!

Have a suggestion? Feel free to contact me via ourWorld or by leaving a comment on this post! (Or, if you’re really so stalkerish you know my e-mail address, there’s that too. Yes, Sammi, Sarah, and Teddy, I mean you.) Free virtual cookies from last week go to Brehr, | SIN |, sd211999, Rose Petal, and Queen of Heaven  for suggesting games, this week I’m giving out free virtual hugs for those who suggest games. (>’_’)>o *gives cookie*

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