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Flowplay Help Page – How to use

Having any problems with ourWorld?  Not sure how to solve your problem(s)? 

Did you know you can contact ourWorld about problems you’re having?  Volunteers are great but volunteers cannot answer all the technical problems you may be having.  Below is a step by step guide to show you how to contact ourWorld and get the help you need by using the Flowplay help page!

Step one: Log onto your ourWorld account if you haven’t already.  At the top right corner of your screen click ‘Account Upgrade’ then ‘Help’. As shown below.

Step two: Click the Help page ‘Go’. The ourWorld help page has answers to common questions and problem solving tips.

Step three:  Another internet page will load. You are now on the Flow Play help page. Here you can use the Trouble-shooter or Knowledge Base to answer your ourWorld and downWorld questions. Shown below:

Trouble-shooter: Using this you can take a step by step tour to find your answer. All you have to do is select a category given below related to your issue. Then continue onto step two.  Here, you can view the popular topics in your chosen category. All you need to do is click any of the links shown below that may have the answer you want. If your answer is not there you need to continue onto the next step by clicking ‘My answer is not here’. You will then be able to type a question in. Answers relating to the question will then be given. Shown below:

Knowledge Base: The Knowledge Base has more than 235 support references, created by support professionals who have resolved issues for players. It is constantly updated, expanded, and refined to ensure that you have access to the very latest information. On this page it has lists of the most common questions on, guides, technical issues, account issues and the community.

Request Help: If you cannot find the answer under those topics you can Request help by creating a ticket. The Ticket System enables you to directly submit a support ticket to an ourWorld customer service representative. This online tool provides an alternative e-mail and helps expedite the resolution of your issue. You can track the status of your ticket in My Support.  All you need to do here is fill out the form given to you. Choosing the topic, then the details of the issues you are having. Suggesting answers will then appear. If you can’t see the answer there, a ticket will be sent off. You will be given a ticket number. An ourWorld staff member will then answer your question as quickly as they can. Go back onto the site every now and then to check if a solution has been given. Shown below:

Well I hope this has helped anyone who is currently having a problem, or in the future who doesnt know how to solve the issue.

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