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+ The bomb is a commonly used tool, famous for its round shape and solid color.

+ The pencil is less commonly used, but still popular.  The thin lines are perfect for creating a sketched look.

+ The eraser is probably the most common tool, for obvious reasons.

+ There are plenty of other tools to use, but those create less-awesome drawings ;)

Straight Line
Straight Line
Splatterbox Bomb
Splatterbox Pencil

Splatterbox Eraser


+ Squares and rectangles are simple shapes because of the fact that you only have to draw 4 lines.  To make a square, hold a ruler or other straight object up to your screen and make the four corners. Then fill in the lines inbetween.

+ Triangles are also easy, depending on the type.  To make a triangle, use your ruler to guide yourself in making the three corners. Then, taking your time, fill in the lines!

+ Curvy lines take a little more practice, but are hard to mess up!  There’s really no right or wrong way to make a curvy line! Just remember to take your time!

+ Practice, practice, practice!  The more you practice then the better you’ll become.  Dont give up!  Keep working at it and be original.  You can do it!!



+ These shapes are slightly harder, so practice your basic shapes and lines first!

+ Circles are difficult to explain. Experiment until you get it right!

+ Make a heart by creating a downward arrow, then placing two half circles on the top.


—[Drawing Pictures]—

Now I’ll show you how to draw pictures in splatterbox.

#1- Pick something to draw

I’ve chosen an apple. Feel free to search up a picture of your subject, to make your job easier.

#2- Draw your shape with bombs

*Optional- If you’ve mastered the task, feel free to sketch your shape using the pencil before you use the bombs.*

Splatter Apple
My Apple!

#3 – Save!

Be sure to save the finishing product! There are ways to save.

Take a snapshot with your OW camera! *This keeps people from viewing your splatter in splatterbox, which makes it nearly impossible for them to steal!*


+ Pick something simple to draw as a beginner. For example, don’t try to create a splatter of Katy Perry’s face when you haven’t mastered straight lines!

+ Nobody is perfect. Except for Chuck Norris.

+ Don’t rush! I know I’ve said this already, but go slow and keep a steady hand! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and same goes for unique and beautiful splatters!

+ Stealing isn’t cool. Face it, no one wants their work stolen. By the way, taking a common splatter and changing the color doesn’t make an original splatter!


Here are some awesome SplatterBox Examples!

Look up the person "Owl" in ourWorld and check their album for more great Splatterbox pictures!

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