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The Critter Garden was introduced to ourWorld in July 2010. The objective of this “mini-game” is to buy eggs then resell them at a higher value. You may adopt one of these critters outside of ourWorld by visiting our “squiby” link below.



Critter Garden Eggs

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Snow Nest | Chill Nest | Frost Nest | Freeze Nest
Nature Nest | Sprout Nest | Sapling Nest | Eden Nest
Fire Nest | Flare Nest | Blaze Nest | Molten Nest
Dark Nest | Dusk Nest | Shadow Nest | Void Nest
Electric Nest | Flash Nest | Bolt Nest | Shock Nest

Tech Nest | Alpha Nest | Fusion Nest | Cyber Nest

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Golden Broom | Golden Hammer | Golden Egg

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Farm Theme

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