Event Items: Christmas 2010

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Here are all the event items for Christmas 2010! We will post the names of them as soon as we get them. Check out the links below for more/related information.

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Jingle Jangle Hat

Snow Puff Hat (Female)

Snow Puff Hat (Male)

Holiday Berry Hat

Candy Striper Hat

Snow Flurry Hat

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Jingle Jangle Jacket
Jingle Jangle Jacket
Peppermint Vest (Males)
Caroling Vest (Males)

Chris Cringle Vest (Males)

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One Piece

Snow Puff Dress
Holiday Berry Dress
Jolly Dress
Candy Striper Dress
Peppermint Dress
Caroling Dress

Chris Cringle Dress

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Snow Flurry Gloves

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Pixi Pets

Pasha The Penguin
Hans The Holiday Bear
Iggy The Ice Shard

Serena The Snowflake

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Candy Striper Scarf
Chris Cringle Belt
Peppermint Cuffs
Holiday Berry Necklace (Female)

Holiday Berry Necklace (Males)

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Snow Flurry Shoes (Female)
Snow Flurry Shoes (Male)
Jingle Jangle Shoes
Jingle Jangle Shoes
Holiday Berry Shoes (Female)
Holiday Berry Shoes (Male)
Peppermint Shoes (Female)
Peppermint Shoes (Male)
Caroling Shoes (Female)
Caroling Shoes (Male)
Chris Cringle Shoes (Female)

Chris Cringle Shoes (Males)

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Jingle Jangle Socks
Jingle Jangle Socks
Snow Puff Socks (Female)
Snow Puff Socks (Male)
Jolly Socks (Female)
Jolly Socks (Male)
Caroling Socks (Female)

Caroling Socks (Male)

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