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January 2011 Update Pt. I

— [January 2011 Update Pt. I] —

| Zodiac Mystery Box | Jan. Monthly Items | Condo Decals | Coin Fountain | Jan. Resident Item | New Years Special Item | Jan. Event Items |Events/Parties |

Want to know your Zodiac sign? Click here.

—[Zodiac Mystery Box]—


*All sprites in box have 50% flow boost! That’s why the box is expensive!*

Candice the Cancer

Vera the Virgo

Leon the Leo

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—[Zodiac Aura/Diadem]—


What’s your sign?  Whatever it is, show it off in style with this month’s Zodiac Aura and Diadem.

Wearing: Zodiac Aura & Diadem/Celebration Hat

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—[Zodiac Condo Decals]—

Stick your sign up in your Condo so all can see the uniqueness of your destiny.  But only in January.

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—[Coin Fountain]—

Install the ourWorld Toolbar and get a Coin Fountain every week! It will shower you in Coins! Increments of 500/1,000/2,000 coins (More information/pics SOON!)

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—[Jan. 11 Resident Item]—

This curious Sprout will grow in your Resident Condo.  You never know what it’ll look like next! It randomly changes it’s look :)

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—[New Years Special Item]—

Check you’re inventory on New Years day (01/01/2011). We’re giving away FREE gifts to everyone who celebrates with us on ourWorld! (Hand item)

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—[New Years Event Items]—

A New Year’s celebration isn’t complete without a really outrageous party hat – get yours today!

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You can now find events/parties in different condos! More information coming soon!

Click events to see parties!

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Thank you MareksGregs, Zacsky, Adz and Weatherbys Dad for your help! <3

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