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Zodiac Mystery Box

Available: Jan. 1st 2011 – Mar. 31st 2011

Trivia: Don’t know your zodiac sign? Or what a zodiac sign is? Click HERE to find out! This way you can try to get the pixipet that would be just for you!


Aria the Aries
Troy the Taurus
Grayson and Gretchen the Gemini
Candice the Cancer
Leon the Leo
Vera the Virgo
Libby the Libra
Skip the Scorpio
Sara the Sagittarius
Carmine the Capricorn
Aqua the Aquarius

Paco And Pepe The Pisces

ā€” Section Complete! ā€”

Thanks to MareksGregs and Weatherbys Dad for their help! ourgemcodes loves you!

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