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ourWorld Updates: Flash News, Winter Clothing 2012 Price List

The latest updates have been delayed, but they will be here soon, most likely on Wednesday. Until then, here are the Flash news for the updates we are expecting!

Chat Rooms

ourWorld Updates: ourWorld Chat Rooms [OurGemCodes]

Take chatting to a whole new level with Chat Rooms on the Events menu! Decide the topic, ask questions and chat away!

Winter Clothing

ourWorld Event Items: Christmas 2012 [OurGemCodes]

Holiday times deserve festive new winter clothing, so our designers have been busy designing some!

Winter Clothing Price List – Female

Winter Clothing Price List: Male

Thank you, Tae.., for revealing the item price list for males! ♥

Stampbook Marketplace Filter

ourWorld Updates: Stampbook Marketplace Filter [OurGemCodes]

ourWorld Updates: Stampbook [OurGemCodes]

Holiday Stocking

Holiday Stocking Price [OurGemCodes]

Holiday Stocking Items [OurGemCodes]

Winter Pets

Mr. Smiles and Seymour The Seal [OurGemCodes]

Winter Pet Price List

ourWorld Cardtopia!!

ourWorld Games and Reviews: ourWorld Cardtopia!! [OurGemCodes]

Collect and trade cards, and win real items in ourWorld with the new FREE Cardtopia app in iTunes for your iPad and iPhone!


What do you think of the upcoming updates? Personally I can’t wait for the Christmas Caroling – every time you click the Stocking you get a free item! Isn’t that exciting? Leave us a message in the comments!~


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