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DUDE! Netflix has more subscribers than Cable TV in the United States

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Despite the recent price increase from $9/month to $10/month announced last year, Netflix has surpassed Cable TV when you consider subscriber amounts.

Netflix is an American entertainment company founded on August 29th, 1997.  The company streams media and video-on-demand while being located in Los Gatos, California.

Netflix now has 50.85 million U.S. Streaming subscribers than the number of customers for America’s largest cable companies (48.61 million).  Netflix announced those subscriber totals as part of its most recent quarterly earnings report located here.

Netflix is rapidly growing overseas, where the company has increased its expansion efforts by rolling out its service in over 190 countries.  Netflix is expected to announce that it will exceed 100 million subscribers worldwide by next month.

Meanwhile, Netflix isn’t the only video streaming service. Their rivals include Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube alongside premium content streamers such as HBONow, ESPN, TwitchTV and OurGemCodes.

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