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4 Inappropriate ourWorld Events

ourWorld events are hilarious, especially the ones listed below.  Here some inappropriate, but funny events that people regularly hold on ourWorld.  Check it out:

#4. Girl on girl or guy on guy

He couldn’t name it something like, “Guy looking for a boyfriend?”  or  “Guy’s ONLY?”   He just HAD TO title it GUY ON GUY (gets graphic images in my head)  – no no no, please get them out v_v

Source: ourWorld Memes

We’d like to know what you think about these kind of events.  Leave a comment below!

#3. Genie parties or sex parties

The picture below is hilarious.  We won’t even make a joke for this one.  Just read what Crystal Wolf says:

Source: ourWorld Memes
Source: ourWorld Memes

Have you ever been to a genie party?  Or here’s a better question, have you ever created a genie party?!  Hm… these are the questions that matter.

#2. Searching for a husband or wife party

Husband or wife  parties are prime examples of kids who will be on “16 and pregnant“.  Seriously, you’re like 12 and you want to have a family.  Where are your parents hiding?!?  Because they’re obviously not taking care of you.  *ahem*  sorry, anyway…

Source: ourWorld Memes
Source: ourWorld Memes

Enjoy your childhood.  You only have one.  All the baby and marriage stuff will come later.  Don’t grow up so fast.

#1. Random Naughty ourWorld events

We can’t even begin to imagine what these people were thinking when they created these events.  These last events are “downright weird“.  They’re probably some of our favorites.  Check them out:

Source: ourWorld Memes
Source: ourWorld Memes

This post was super silly, but that’s most of ourWorld.  We hope you enjoy these new kind of posts.  Our goal is to spark your interest.  Is it working yet?

Disclaimer: OGC does not approve of any of these events.  We only post interesting news, as bloggers should do.


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