ourWorld: The ‘Perfect’ Bio!

I know we all have different definitions of perfect, I also know there is no such thing as a perfect biography, but I may as well give you all some slight tips on how to make your bio look neat and sophisticated. Which in my eyes, is perfect!

1.) Keep it short and simple!

Sometimes less is better, and in this case it is. ourWorld biography’s have a 250 character limit! Write out a few short sentences or facts about yourself and leave it at that.

2.) Spell correctly and use proper grammar!

Some people aren’t as picky with this as others, I’m pretty picky about it but eh! Proper grammar and correct spelling makes your bio look extremely tidy.

3.) Use underscores to separate information!

In this photo you can see that I used a few underscores to separate the OGC saying and other information about myself. It just looks nice. ;)

ourworld 1

4.) Quotes are a great touch!

If you have a favorite quote, whether it be from a movie, something a celebrity said, or from a song, put it in your bio! Makes ya’ look creative to many people and people like creativeness!

5.) Your Accomplishment Dates!

If you have achieved your item/coin/gem goal(s) put down the date! It’s something you should be proud of!


What's up! I'm Flannel and I've been on ourWorld since late 2009. Huge fan of Tool and Arctic Monkeys. Ask me stuff at Ask.fm/ourWorldFlannel :)

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