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Animal Jam – Carnival Tickets

Need tickets for the Animal Jam Carnival? We can help. We’ll show you the fastest way of getting tickets so you can buy that exclusive item you’ve always wanted. But hurry! The carnival won’t last forever. So get those limited edition items now!!!

Below, we’ve listed the different ways of getting carnival tickets.

Method 1: Exchange coins for tickets


You can trade-in your coins for tickets.

The exchange rate is equal to scale. So it doesn’t matter if you spend more or less coins. You will always get back an equal number of tickets. I suggest trading in lower quantities, if you decide to trade at all. This is the fastest way of getting tickets, if you don’t want to play games.

Method 2: Play Games (Carnival Darts)


The second way of getting tickets is by playing games. There are 4 games to choose from. But the fastest way of getting tickets is by playing Carnival Darts. For every 100 points you score, you will get 1 ticket. As shown in the picture above, for every one game I play, I’ve managed to earn around 500 tickets each! I only need to play the game 10 times to get 5,000 tickets. And each game takes around 1 minute. In 10 minutes, I have the item I want.

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