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Animal Jam – How To Report A Player

Jamaa is a great place for Jammers of all shapes and sizes to gather, play, and make friends. Sadly, sometimes there are Jammers who try to ruin everyone’s fun by saying mean words, being bullies, and doing other inappropriate things.

If you see a Jammer who is breaking the Animal Jam Rules, you can report them to AJHQ. The report button on player cards and on Jam-A-Grams is a way for you to let AJHQ know that someone isn’t being nice.

Hopefully every Jammer you meet will be nice and you will never have to use the report button. But remember: if you see someone breaking the Animal Jam Rules, it’s ok to report them to AJHQ so we can help keep Jamaa a fun and safe place!

Step 1: Click on a Jammer’s Username

If someone is breaking rules, asking for personal information, being mean, then click their name!


Step 2: Report Them to AJHQ

Click the [+] symbol and describe which rule the Jammer has broken.



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