OGC Weekly Contest: Week #1 – WINNER!

Congratulations to…
You’ve won this week. ^_^

The box you chose was…

Your item is…
ogc-contest-prize-week001-skadooshYou got the #2 most valuable item.

This item is waiting for you in my Marketplace, offer one coin!
oW Name: Iero

1: When was ourWorld released?
April/September 2008

2: When was OGC released?
October 2010

Do not send any more PM’s. They will be disregarded.
When the next contest starts, I will allow new PM’s, not the old ones.

Well done everyone else.
Don’t forget next week! (If i don’t die from PM overdose xDD)

Have a nice day.


I'm the result of society's socialization of man. Turned from a sweet and oozing thing of God into a Mechanical Creation. My name is Clockwork Orange, and I will kneel before Ultraviolence.

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