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ourWorld Art Contest WINNERS!!!!

Remember that contest I ran centuries ago? Well guess what!? I FINALLY chose winners. Okay, admittedly, it took me awhile but better late than never. And because I took SO long, I’ve decided to up the ante with 20 winners instead of the measly 8. PFFFT… we do it big! Top 3 winners get super rares. Then there’s Zoe’s Club, 400 gems, and so many mystery boxes! It’s like this was almost worth the wait.

This post will be updated with all the submitted entries when I get home!

1 – 3 (any super rare item I have – which is pretty much anything)
4 – 6 (1mo Zoe’s Club)
7 – 10 (400 gems)
11 – 20 (60 gems)

1. iCapeHorn –
2. Zairieene –
3. Monhaa –
4. pintsizedrex
5. xRivallie
6. Kurochan
7. Historia
8. YukiChan
9. iii Jacob iii
10. WitheredRose
11. ChiyoChan
12. Cake
13. Manianek
14. JakeTheRipper
15. Same
16. xChristmas
17. Keiichi
18. Aurora Fusion
19. Aii That Remains
20. Reno Cavalonne

IMPORTANT: to everyone who won, please contact me on ourWorld so I know it’s you or send me an email at skyelogic(at)

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