Hollow Knight is releasing a FREE DLC in July + coming to Nintendo Switch

Hollow Knight is an insect-themed 2D action adventure presented in a beautiful hand-drawn style from the three-man Australian indie studio Team Cherry. Originally scheduled for PC, Mac, Linux and Wii U in late 2016 the game was delayed into 2017 just ahead of the confirmation that it would also be coming to Switch.

2 weeks ago, Team Cherry announced a free content pack #01 coming to Hollow Knight July 2017 for all players.  It is not confirmed whether or not they will release more content packs, but considering this is content pack #1, we can safely assume there will be more.

The content pack features 2 new bosses who are enigmatic, impossible-to-discern figures according to the official twitter.  2 new tracks have been added for audio bliss, which is one reason Hollow Knight grew to such success (for the soundtracks alone).  There’s a new upgrade called Dream Gate which allows players a whole new method of traversing Hallownest.  There’s a new stag station uncovered where Hallownest stags once travelled the breadth of the kingdom, but one station was walled away, hidden from bugs and forgotten stags until now.

Hollow Knight: Hidden Dreams content is accessible at any point in the game, whether starting fresh or scouring for completion.  Team Cherry has announcing the exact release date in July 2017.

Visit the Hollow Knight steam page
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