Is the Game Boy Classic Edition real? Probably not.

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[wpsm_dropcap]H[/wpsm_dropcap]ey look!  Donny Pie finally made a post on his blog.  And for Nintendo fans, this one might actually be worth the read.

Last year, Nintendo sold the NES Classic Edition which was a huge sales hit for Nintendo.  The NES Classic did so well, in fact, that many people who ordered the console didn’t get one due to so much demand.  Then earlier this year in 2017, the Super NES Classic Edition was realeased; which is a 16-bit micro-console being sold by Nintendo for $80.  The console was in limited-supply which made it a collector’s item and came with 21 games.

Now going in 2018, Nintendo has filed a trademark last month involving the original GameBoy.  The news came from a tweet by a trademark bot in Japenese.  Here it is:

So will the Nintendo GameBoy Classic be real?
Probably not… but there might be one in the DISTANT future.

This is where ourGemCodes becomes skeptical.  Let’s consider why the GameBoy Classic isn’t something Nintendo wants right now.  First off, there are bigger fish to fry.  The last console Nintendo released was the SNES Classic which did really well.  The next logical system to be released is the N64 Classic followed by the GameCube classic.

Also, we need to consider that the GameBoy classic already has competition due to mobile gaming.  In June 2017, we saw Sega release Sega Forever: classic sega games for your mobile device (for free).  If Nintendo ever planned on releasing a GameBoy classic, it’s not because they can’t release app games.  It would simply be a collector console.  And for the time being, Nintendo is currently pursuing other plans.

It is interesting, however, that Nintendo filed the Trademark.  Nintendo is simply trying to protect their work.

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