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Popular Avakin Life content creators continue quitting, including Avakin Life Daily

[wpsm_dropcap]M[/wpsm_dropcap]ore Avakin Life drama ensues!  And this time, popular Instagram blogger, Avakin Life Daily, has suspended all of her accounts and has left Avakin Life.  This includes her Instagram account, main Instagram account, and YouTube channel (which have all been suspended).  Her YouTube channel only says “Grateful For everything“.

We’re uncertain as to whether or not Avakin Life Daily will return to Avakin Life.  She might simply be doing this for attention.  Her account in Avakin Life still has a badge next to her name. She might keep her account down for a week then return with an excuse.  Either way, this isn’t the only person to have quit the virtual world chatting app.

Myself, known as DonnyPoo in-game, quit over a month ago due to pursuing other passions for content creating.  I also felt like many creators work incredibly hard for Avakin Life but are under appreciated or under-paid.  Fame and attention is not a good reason to do something.  Companies owe their creators who work hard promoting their business.  Companies hire people like this.  So it’s not a surprise that Avakin Life content creators continue to leave.

The last player to have disappeared from Avakin Life is Nixx.  According to his profile, Nixx hasn’t signed on in over 45 days.  Nixx became widely known in-game due to his instagram edits.  It is unknown if any of us will ever return.  I know I won’t.

Thank you all for reading.

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