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Chloe Bennet is annoyed at Logan Paul. So he takes her to Hawaii.

2 weeks ago, we wrote about Chloe Bennet being turned into a “Quake Me Chloe” meme.  Thanks to Logan Paul, Chloe Bennet has to tolerate the entire Logang.  But it seems Chloe is finally fed up with the whole “Quake Me Chloe” thing.



Chloe Bennet has removed several photos from her Instagram due to people spamming “Quake Me Chloe.”  She is consistently removing more photos everyday.  Thanks Logang.

Image Credit: Chloe Instagram

Chloe Bennet has expressed her frustration toward Logan Paul by giving him the cold shoulder.  Logan has since apologized and asked his followers to stop spamming her instagram.  However, his request has fallen on deaf-ears and the logang have begun to spam her even more.

Logan feels sorry.

Which is why he’s taken Chloe Bennet, along with his small crew, to Hawaii for the next few days.

You can follow his daily activities by viewing his daily vlog here.


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