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Word of the month: GameGrubber & BookGrubber

[wpsm_dropcap]S[/wpsm_dropcap]o, as I was speaking with a friend last night… we were talking about words that are Japanese but don’t translate into English.

One such word is “Tsundoku” which means:

“Leaving a new book unread after buying it and just letting it pile up with the other unread lonely books in your house.”

So since there is no word in the English language for Tsundoku, I figured I’d come up with my own.  This word is now known as BookGrubber; derived from the word grubber which means to amass something, especially in an unscrupulous manner.

BookGrubber (n.) — To collect books but not read them.  To leave a book unread and pile up with the rest of your books without reading them.

An example sentence would be something like, “Wow Anna, you’re buying another book?  You’re such a BookGrubber!”

The simple usage of this can be applied to anyone who collects or amasses anything, and just add grubber to the end.  Another word I’ve created is called “GameGrubber”.

GameGrubber (n.) — To collect games but not play them.  To leave a game unplayed and pile up with the rest of your games without playing them.

I really wanted to post something original for once.
Oh btw, Uber’s is no longer allowed in London. Thnx.

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