LOL Im Dead
The Merkins YouTube Channel makes parodies of famous songs. And it’s perfect for Halloween.

The Merkins is a YouTube channel created June of 2015 and has accumulated over 50 million views at the time of this post.  The Merkins channel is a novelty ...

0 will most definitely clone me and not you because you suck and I’m awesome | Mental Health & Technology

We could all be living in a Utopian future. After I submit my saliva to, they will instantly realize my DNA is the most superior DNA on the planet ...

Lil Dicky just dropped the most creative music video starring Chris Brown and Kendall Jenner

Lil Dicky grew up in an upper middle class Jewish family. Dicky originally wanted to write comedic short film skits, but after attending college and rapping; ...

Dr. Phil exposes teen who claims she’s 9-months pregnant with baby jesus, but she’s LITERALLY FULL OF SHIT!

A teen who says she is pregnant with baby Jesus gets an ultrasound so she can prove to her family – who claims she’s a liar -- that she’s really having a baby.

LIT RIGHT NOW is Quite Possibly the worst song since Rebecca Black’s Friday

Sydney McGee is a YouTuber with over 180,000 subscribers.  Her music video, "So Lit Right Now" premiered July 2017 but has slowly gained attention over the ...

Relevant?  When the school shooter is your math tutor.

YouTube comedy star who is famous for his LongBeachGriffy channel. He has gained popularity there for his original comedic sketches rooted in observational ...

What happened to Toys R Us and why are they closing their stores?

Wall Street Journal reported that America's largest toy seller is closing down a total of 380 stores in the past year.  That about 1 fifth the total amount of ...

Dear ourWorld: An open breakup letter to ourWorld from Donny Pie

An Open Breakup Letter To OurWorld   Dear my beloved ourWorld, I'm so sorry you have to find this out in a letter, but after ...

This 30 Second ourWorld Video will teach you how to become famous
6 ourGemCodes doesn't condone betraying your friends for popularity.  But if you must betray your friends, steal ...

Nick Crompton “No I’m Not From Compton” | England is my city is now a meme.
6 Nick Crompton is an entrepreneur and social media star who gained popularity on YouTube, then became co-founder ...

CRINGE: Try watching these throat singers without laughing your a** off!
-1 They may be known for keeping stiff upper lips during state visits, but the Prince of Wales and Duchess of ...

LOL IM DEAD: Airsoft Gun Prank with Kim Jong Un

It's just a prank, bro! Obviously this isn't Kim Jong Un but the video is priceless nonetheless.  This trio of Korean boys are in their car when two of ...

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