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PewDiePie encourages “disrespecting wamen” meme and makes multiple sexist “jokes”

[wpsm_dropcap]5[/wpsm_dropcap] months after Disney and YouTube distanced themselves from YouTube personality PewDiePie over videos featuring anti-Semitic jokes and Nazi imagery, PewDiePie, once again, makes controversial “jokes.”  This time Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg pokes fun at women dismissing the jokes as a “disrepecting wamen” meme.

PewDiePie has coined the term “disrespecting wamen” from a sexist internet meme.  PewDiePie dismisses his remarks as “jokes” to desensitized his viewers to any harm they might do.  Felix simply states that people are too sensitive (in this case, women are too sensitive).

In the past month, PewDiePie made several sexist “jokes” — I didn’t include all the sexist remarks.  However, I will say that the jokes were easy to identify.  Most of the time, whenever a female appears in his video, PewDiePie has a sexist remark to say which I found interesting:

Remember, these are intended to be jokes.

In PewDiePie’s newest video titled, “This man has -1000 respect for women and the reason why might SHOCK you“, PewDiePie dismisses the fact that women face discrimination in the workplace.

Instead, PewDiePie takes this opportunity to explain why women are paid less, “What they did with the gender gap is they took all men and all women and did a median on it and say, ‘oh okay, women make this amount less than men, in general.'” PewDiePie continued.  “What they don’t take into account is, well pretty much anything at all, like women working less hours and women choosing less high-paying jobs and so-on and so-forth.”

He then says, “Now if you take these factors into account, basically, the gender gap comes out to pretty much nothing because men and women are paid generally equal.  Because it is governed by the law.”

It should be noted the highest paying-jobs are male dominated because they require skill-sets most women don’t find particularly interesting.  In contrary, any socially-driven industry is dominated by females like makeup, fashion design, interior design, entertainment and social work.  Male-dominated industries make more money than woman-dominated industries which can explain the gender wage-gap.

PewDiePie doesn’t take into account that women are discriminated in the workplace.  Nearly 3 out of every 10 EEOC charges are for gender discrimination, according to Catalyst, and with some estimates putting prevalence of sexual harassment as high as 1 in 3 of all working women. The correlation between sex discrimination and harassment is strong, since sexual harassment is itself a kind of discrimination.

National Partnership recorded nearly 31,000 charges of pregnancy discrimination filed with the EEOC between October 2010 and September 2015.  The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 (PDA) was the first federal law to explicitly protect pregnant workers.  Employers cannot refuse to hire someone because they are pregnant or might become pregnant.

“You can’t pay someone less money because of their gender. It’s illegal. It’s been illegal for 45 years.”  PewDiePie says.  Felix doesn’t take into consideration the overwhelming evidence that some employers do not care.  Female discrimination exists, especially when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood, which can result in no-pay at all.


At the end of the video, PewDiePie says “What was the point of this video? Absolutely nothing. Uh, I feel like I should probably drop this whole meme with w-w-women for awhile before Wall Street makes another montage of all this stuff together.”

Felix Kjellberg is aware of the controversy in the meaning of his words.  PewDiePie could be doing this intentionally in hope that mainstream media covers his antics; whether discriminatory or not.  Felix realizes his fan-base do not care about what he says as long as he dismisses everything as a “joke” resulting in free publicity for him.

“Final closing thought on this video: uh, if you’re a woman watching this; I want you to know. You are not what the media or politicians or people on twitter are trying to tell you. Or even what I am trying to say.  You are not weak.  You are not less privileged.  You are strong.  I think it’s such an unhealthy way of looking at things.”

PewDiePie then says, “Wh-what happened to I’m a woman; hear me roar? It’s become, ‘I’m a women. [begins crying]…I earn less than men.'”

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Donny Pie

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  1. Donny Pie- your headline was pejorative clickbait and it was libelous- It was either uninformed or a purposeful attack but either way it made you look bad. PDP never encouraged the disrespecting women meme- he explicitly denounced those memes. He joked around a lot but his underlying point came through- respect women. His humor is juvenile but so is his audience and they understand when he’s making a serious point. I appreciate your honesty about the gender pay gap being fiction and I agree that women face sexual harassment a lot more than men but like paying women less it IS illegal so the problem is not systemic. Unhappily there will always be ppl who break the law- thats why our society has remedies. If a person is sexually harassed they should call the police and if they are not paid fairly they should sue. Libel is also illegal- ppl get sued for millions for defamation. I think PDP is far too good natured about headlines like this one..

  2. like i said earlier not every joke must be a secret message/conspiracy against a mainstream so-called big issue in the western civilization
    since pewds wouldnt earn anything from being seriously discriminatory its more likely that hes being sarcastic than serious, basing on the fact his entire channel is mainly a comedy/entertainment channel (besides some vlogs (often including comedy) and update videos).

    not to mention at least to me hes *obviously* being sarcastic.

    and that was my opinion tyvm

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