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OGC EXCLUSIVE: This 15 year old editor discusses Life, YouTube, and ourWorld — Hellu ourWorld

[wpsm_dropcap]Y[/wpsm_dropcap]ouTube videos have been the spark of content-creation within ourWorld.  Over 30,000 ourWorld videos have been uploaded to YouTube which have garnered nearly 50 million views.

One of the better known editors, Hellu ourWorld, has an underrated YouTube channel with only 550 subscribers and 28,000 all-time views.  Her channel is often referred to as one of the best within the community.  And has been mentioned in several Donny Pie videos.

Today, ourGemCodes had to pleasure of speaking with Hellu ourWorld in regard to her YouTube channel:

Image Credit: Hellu ourWorld

ourGemCodes: Hi. What does the name Hellu ourWorld mean?

Hellu (Hele-Mai): Oh that’s just what my friends have always called me. My real name is Hele-Mai.

ourGemCodes: Oh hi Hele-Mai. How old were you when you started editing and how old are you now?

Hellu (Hele-Mai): I started when I was 13 and now I’m 15. I’m from a small country in Europe named Estonia.

Image Credit: Hellu ourWorld

ourGemCodes: I see the first video you posted was October 2015. Tell me about your YouTube channel’s history.  

Hellu (Hele-Mai): I remember making the channel just to make an ourWorld youtube banner for fun. Then one day I thought that why not try to make a video? I watched a lot of ourWorld youtubers and got so much inspiration from them all and wanted to make even better ourworld music videos. I guess that’s how it all started.

ourGemCodes: Who were some of the ourWorld YouTubers who inspired you?

Hellu (Hele-Mai): Evelina, Meg ourworld, buttercuppyow and not to mention a lot of awesome mep channels.

Image Credit: Hellu ourWorld

ourGemCodes: What video editing software do you use?

Hellu (Hele-Mai): I started off using Sony Vegas Pro and later moved on to After Effects.

ourGemCodes: For aspiring YouTubers, what advice would you give them?

Hellu (Hele-Mai): Enjoy the progress! One day you will look back at your old videos and be amazed of how far you’ve come. I also recommend listening to the music and paying good attention to the sounds and trying to recreate them (flashes, snares etc.) Video editing is very time consuming (for me atleast) but it’s worth it. Everything is difficult to get a hang of but once you do it becomes super easy.

ourGemCodes: We noticed you only upload once every couple months. Why is this?

Hellu (Hele-Mai): I mentioned earlier that editing can be very time consuming. Sometimes it takes me a month to edit a video. Also sometimes I can’t find the time to edit or I’m just lazy and have no inspiration.

Image Credit: Hellu ourWorld

ourGemCodes: What is the future of your YouTube channel?

Hellu (Hele-Mai): I’m not sure yet. I haven’t seen much progress in my editing in a year. I will stick to ourworld videos on that channel for sure. If I’d ever start making different content I would make a separate channel for that.

ourGemCodes: Okay. And what would you like to study after high school?

Hellu (Hele-Mai): I don’t know yet. I’ve been trying to figure it out. Maybe If I’m broke or something. I’ll edit for money.

Disclosure: Our coverage remains objective and neither parties were paid to do this.

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