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8 Things ourWorld Desperate Needs

ourWorld could do with some major improvements.  We’ve listed some ideas that will make ourWorld a million times better.  Here are 8 things ourWorld desperately needs:

#8. ourWorld needs a better marketplace.

Sometimes it’s hard to find specific items in the marketplace.  ourWorld needs a function where you can sort by letters.  They also need to fix their LP and values.

bandicam 2013-10-27 17-14-17-611

Only Zoe’s Club Members can trade without a listing fee.  They need to change it so residents can trade for free too.  ourWorld may not make as much money, but for users like myself, it would inspire us to play more often.

#7. There should be a mass unfriending option.

There are people on my friend’s list who I don’t talk to.  Half of them don’t even play anymore.  If I want to remove a friend, then I have to go through each individual one and click “delete.”  ourWorld desperately needs a mass unfriending option.

bandicam 2013-10-27 17-12-55-086

For a bunch of geniuses, the ourWorld developers didn’t make a mass unfriending option?  It’s a social game.  Why can’t we mass unfriend?

#6. ourWorld needs more customizable items for your avatar.

ourWorld needs items that will help personalize your avatar, aside from clothing.  Put it in a mystery box, make it cost 100 gems.  We don’t care.  This is what they need:

  • For your teeth:  braces, buck-teeth, rapper’s grill, miley cyrus’s tongue sticking out (LOL), sucking on a lollipop, kissy lips, etc…
  • For your eyes: Naruto’s sharingan, caden’s robotic eye, intense eyes w/ pupils (in different colors), anime eyes, etc…
  • For your face: whiskers, blushing, eye shadow, piercings, eyelashes, face paint, war paint, football eye paint, band-aids, etc…

This will never happen because the items we’ve listed are way too cool for ourWorld.  Like seriously, why doesn’t ourWorld have whiskers?  I want whiskers, right meow =^.^=

#5. ourWorld need a custom design clothing store.

The store would work like this:

  1. Choose a style T-shirt (tank-top, long-sleeve, short-sleeve, etc…)
  2. Select a color for your shirt
  3. Select a pre-made pattern from the shop.
  4. Type words on your shirt with different fonts. (bad words are filtered)
  5. Purchase your shirt for a ridiculous amount of gems.

The problem here is monitoring naughty shirts.  But we believe ourWorld can easily monitor bad words through their chat filter.  And besides, players already have naughty usernames.  Now players can be truly unique by how they dress.

#4. ourWorld needs to run gem and item sales (period).

ourWorld doesn’t run don’t run sales at all.  If ourWorld ran sales regularly, then they could charge more for items.  ourWorld needs to run sales on gems and items.

bandicam 2013-10-27 17-17-52-274

ourWorld should send mass messages running weekly sales.  The more often players are told to buy gems then the more often they will.

#3. ourWorld needs resident ONLY items

Why doesn’t ourWorld have any resident ONLY items?  These items would be super-rare, and it’s incentive to become a resident.

bandicam 2013-10-27 17-15-29-138

I know if resident ONLY items were to exist then I’d be the first to buy.  ourWorld makes more money.

#2. Speech bubbles to inform you if someone is typing.

I want to know if someone is typing.  Wouldn’t that be useful?

bandicam 2013-10-27 17-08-14-082

This helps users better communicate.  Pretty simple stuff.

#1. They need more interacting like hugging or kissing. Or…

The number 1 thing ourWorld desperately needs is interaction.  Many more people would engage in conversation if users could hug or kiss each other.  And it doesn’t even have to be intimate.  Users should be able to high-five or punch one another too, lulz.

bandicam 2013-10-27 17-19-39-121

Although this is a great idea.  With the current environment ourWorld runs in, it might not be possible.  Flash objects don’t work as well in this manner.


What would you like to see added to ourWorld?

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