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Fright Mystery Box 2010

Available: September 15th, 2010 – October 31st, 2010
-Females- -Males- -Accessories-
Inferno Dress (3)
Inferno Thigh Highs (3)
Little Bat Shoes (3)
Overload Caped Vest (3)
Webbing Dress (3)
Webbing Thigh Highs (3)
Wicked Jacket (3)
Wicked Skirt (3)
Witch Doctor Boots (3)
Witch Doctor Gloves (3)

Witch Doctor Vest (3)
Inferno Shirt (3)
Inferno Socks (3)
Little Bat Shirt (3)
Little Bat Jacket (3)
Little Bat Shoes (3)
Wicked Jacket (3)
Wicked Pants (3)
Witch Doctor Boots (3)
Witch Doctor Gloves (3)

Witch Doctor Vest (3)
Baby Spider On Your Head (3)
Beetle On Your Head (3)
Caterpillar On Your Neck (3)
Centipede On Your Head (3)
Danny The Dancing Devil (4)
Devourer Horns (3)
Devourer Pitchfork (3)
Devourer Scarf (4)
Devourer Wings (4)
Little Bat Hat (3)
Witch Doctor Necklace (3)

Witch Doctor Staff (3)
-Female Outfits- -Male Outfits-

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!Trick or Treat!

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