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Monkey King Mystery Box

Available: May 2010 – July 2010
-Females- -Males- -Accessories-
Guardian Armor (2)
Kesa Robes (2)
Lotus Robes (2)
Phoenix Fan (2)

Phoenix Robes (3)
Guardian Armor (2)


Kesa Robes (2)


Lotus Robes (2)
Dragon Fan (2)

Dragon Robes (3)
Dragon Full Leg Tattoo (4)
Fire Dragon Blade (3)
Fire Dragon Helmet (3)
Guardian Ribbon Belt (4)
Guardian Helmet (2)
Guardian Hook Blade (3)
Monkey King Crown (2)
Monkey King Ears +20% flow boost (3)
Monkey King Scarf (4)
Monkey King Staff +20% flow boost (3)
Monkey King Tail +20% flow boost (3)
Phoenix Diadem +20% flow boost (3)
Phoenix Full Leg Tattoo (4)
Phoenix Wings (4)
Lotus Helmet (2)
Sun Wukong The Monkey King (5)
True Samadhi Fire Belt (3)
True Samadhi Fire Chest Plate (2)

True Samadhi Fire Head Plate (2)
-Female Outfits- -Male Outfits-

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We would like to thank The Monkey King for contributing to this page!

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