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Here are few very well-known personality types who play the game ourWorld. There are a ton others, but I couldn’t pack them into a short video. I wish this video wasn’t as long… oh well… hopefully you don’t get bored while watching it.

Here are the types of ourWorlders who play:
The Copycat – Someone who copies you but claims they did it first
The Traders – Someone who is always trying to trade or make offers
The Family – Someone who wants to be adopted or goes around adopting
The Stalker – Someone who follows you everywhere you go
The beggar – A newb who begs people for items or mystery boxes
The Creeper – Overly sexual person who is obsessed with naughty stuff
The Quitter – Person who threatens to quit but never does
The AFK – Someone who is always on away

Some more might include
The Lovebirds – Couples who only play the game for each other
The Scammers – People who can’t afford to buy items so they try steal them
The LOL’lers – People who LOL at everything and make jokes
The Famous – People who make videos or blog
The haters – People who hate all ourWorld updates and popular people
The trolls – People who are bored and start fights just for fun
The Elitists – People who think they are better because of what they’re wearing

If you have anymore we should add, then leave a comment in the description below! What did you think about this video


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