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Hello! Yes I know, I didn’t get the chance to post last week and I’m very sorry for not doing so, school has been keeping me very busy and I’ve been drawing most of the day today seeing as I finally got some free time. I also must apologize for doing this so late, but oh well its only 11 and nearing 12 to where I am, so Saturday is not over yet. Now to the artwork and to the interview with the artist!


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Amazing as always, hats off to this artist. But who is this talented person you may ask..?



You may contact her here



Well, as I said a few weeks ago, I will be introducing a new feature to my posts, which is an…interview with the artist of the drawings that are being posted!! Here’s my very first interview with Suffocated.


“Aw thanks for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves Miss Say What”.

Q 1: “What type of style of drawing do you consider your art to be in?”

A: “Anime. I like the “Josei” type”.

Q 2: “What is your favourite part of most of your drawings?”

A: “Hmm, the hair and the eyes? Idk xD but obviously not the body and the neck.”

Q 3: “What do you wish to improve on, in the future when you draw?”

A: “I’m pretty much working on how to draw body poses :C I’m also working on the coloring part, cause I suck. XD”

Q 4: “When did you start drawing digitally? Do you enjoy it more than drawing traditionally?”

A: “I started drawing digitally 3 years ago. I like to draw digitally more cause I can easily erase the mistakes without leaving traces, you know. >_>”

Q5: “When drawing, what is your favourite part of the process?”

A: “The sketching part.”


Well there you it folks! You found out a bit more history to who she is as an artist and what she thinks of art and her own artwork. I hope you enjoyed the new feature.


My favorite drawing would probably have to be the very first one. I don’t care if it’s colored, I just love everything about it, it looks fabulous and I love the theme. Which one is your favorite drawing? Tell us in the comments below!



Would you like your ourWorld fan art posted on the front page of OGC? Well you may contact myself here! It’s not certain that I will post your artwork, although I shall definitely take a look at it, and it shall be judged on many things.


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