ourWorld Outfits: Halloween Event Items 2013

Only and I posted this last year, too.

Presenting… outfits created by our very own OGC Forum members! We’ve made those Halloween items look simply smashing, if I say so myself. These ones were voted the best.

Halloween2013 by DestinyLuvsYou

Outfit by: DestinyLuvsYou

outfit by roleplay

Outfit by: Roleplay


Outfit by: Battle Angel

outfit by Mackadelic

Outfit by: Mackadelic

outfit by EIysium

Outfit by: EIysium

sonatines outfit

Outfit by: Sonatines

bladicus ouworld outfit

Outfit by: Bladicus

leen outfit

Outfit by: Leen

mcr outfit by Iero

MCR inspired outfit by: Iero

tr jelly outfit

Outfit by: TR Jelly

outfit by unreal

outfit by unreal 2

Outfits by: Unreal

intensive halloween

Outfit by: Intensive

L S P fairywater ourworld outfit

Outfit by: fairywater

outfit by Lnfinity x

Outfit by: Lnfinity x


Have a favourite outfit? Comment below!

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bladicus banner red by bladicus

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